♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡Hatching eggs♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Hatching egg disclaimer 

Please purchase ONLY if you are willing to risk these eggs not hatching.

Just because an egg didn't develop, does NOT mean the egg wasn't fertile. 

We are NOT responsible for your hatch rates. 

There will be NO refunds & replacements for your hatching eggs regardless of the circumstances. 

By purchasing, we know that you have read & AGREED to our disclaimers.

Don't agree? Simply don't purchase from us. 


Eggs are collected daily

Eggs are stored in a dark room 

You are provided with eggs that are no more than 7 days old.

Eggs are rotated twice a day. 

Each rooster has no more than 7 hens, to ensure a hight fertility rate.

Our hatch rates are around 90%


Breeds Prices
Rhode island red $8/dz
Buff orpington $8/dz
Black australorp $8/dz
Barred Plymouth rock $8/dz
Black copper marans $10/dz
Blue/black/red/splash cochin bantam $10/dz

Hatching egg Discount

You will receive a coupon of $1 off a 6 pk carton for every carton purchased!

*coupon must be brought for it to be valid

Hatching eggs coming soon!

Hatching eggs Prices
Salmon faverolle $10/dz
Light brahma $10/dz
F1 olive egger $10/dz